Fire resilience

Withstand temperatures above 1000°C.

ROCKWOOL stone wool is a Class A non-combustible material, which can withstand high temperatures above 1000 degrees Celsius and effectively prevent the spread of fire. In the fire, more than 80% of people died because of smoke suffocation. ROCKWOOL Multi function slab did not emit any toxic gas in the fire, which escorted the fire safety in the room.


Thermal properties

Provide you a comfortable indoor environment

ROCKWOOL multi function stone wool has a low thermal conductivity and outstanding thermal insulation performance. It can block the invasion of thermal insulation in a hot environment, can keep the room warm in a cold environment, and effectively save energy.


Acoustic capabilities

Provide you a quiet environment

ROCKWOOL multi function slab has an open porous fiber structure that provides excellent sound insulation.


Water properties

Protect your house from moisture and mildew

The water-repellent rate of ROCKWOOL Multi function slab is as high as 99.5%, and it has excellent breath-ability, which can always ensure that the structure is dry and protected from moisture and mildew.



Flexible application to meet different needs

ROCKWOOL stone wool products have various specifications and are easy to cut. They are suitable for indoor partitions, ceilings and flooring components, creating a quiet and comfortable living room for you.



Save maintenance costs

ROCKWOOL multi function slab maintains excellent performance characteristics throughout its life cycle, including dimensional stability, sound insulation and thermal insulation properties.


Green and environmental protection

Protect human health

ROCKWOOL stone wool product is Green Star III certified, naturally from rocks, does not contain asbestos, does not contain any carcinogens, and protects the health of the family. In foreign countries, the product is widely used in home decoration, and its green and environmental protection features have been generally recognized.

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