Partition walls

Partition walls used to have only one function as explained by name, but now they have developed into building components that can be used for multiple purposes: fire resistance, sound insulation, moisture protection, thermal insulation, etc.

In a wide range of partition wall systems, the light steel keel partition wall is the one with wider application because of its lightness and quick installation, but the fire performance will always remain as one of the major concerns. As the best material for fire insulation, stone wool plays a crucial role in the light steel keel partition wall.

ROCKWOOL stone wool, especially the one specially designed for partition wall systems, is featured with high fire rating, excellent sound absorption, low water absorption rate, good performance in ventilation and environmental protection, etc. It is a perfect choice for partition wall systems. If with a higher demand for fire protection, you can also choose our Conlit H product.

With fire resilient properties that can contain fire, stone wool insulation can make the difference between having a fire in a building versus a building on fire.

Partition wall products

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