Technical insulation

ROCKWOOL RockTech is a high temperature stone wool for industrial use. High-quality natural stone as main material, the weighed stones are melt in a cupola over 1450 ℃, and then fiberized by a high-speed four-roll centrifuge. Coated with a binder, fibers gradually form into stone wool mats by pendulum units. After curing and cutting, they finally come out as finished products of different specifications and purposes.

ROCKWOOL RockTech stone wool has four remarkable features: strong temperature resistance, excellent hydrophobicity, great corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity. It provides a highest level of protection to boilers, furnaces, distillation towers, valves, pipes and other equipment in the petrochemical factories, power plants and other industrial production, preventing fire, noise, heat and energy loss and other harmful effects.

Technical insulation products

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