ROCKWOOL CHINA Environmental Programme in Hefeng Primary School, Huangpu District

15 May 2018

"Loving our Home, Protecting the Earth"- the environmental program initiated by ROCKWOOL China was introduced to the Hefeng Primary School in Huangpu District, Guangzhou

Hefeng school charity event image
On April 27th, the environmental programme initiated by ROCKWOOL China was introduced to the Hefeng Primary School in Huangpu District, Guangzhou. The theme was "Loving our Home, Protecting the Earth". Hundreds of children had an exciting lesson about environmental protection a few days passed the Earth Day, April 22.
The lesson began with discussion on serious environmental problems that has been faced by the world. Children were encouraged to think about these environmental issues, as a way to raise their awareness of environment. Many environmentally friendly measures were introduced during the class to encourage them to start from small daily things. Books about environmental protection were also given as presents to help them develop good habits to save the Earth. The lesson let children learn about the importance of environmental protection and know how to save energy and protect the environment, for helping them understand what sustainable development is about.
The "Loving our Home, Protecting the Earth" lesson was a lively and interactive experience. Students enjoyed the class. In addition to what was learned in the classroom, students also start to think about their own ways to save energy and reduce pollution in everyday life. Several students were awarded and shared their ideas of how to live "low-carbon and energy-saving".
This environmental action programme was initiated by ROCKWIDE China, aiming to let children be aware of "Loving our Home, Protecting the Earth" as well as to promote the idea of energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development, so that more people can join in environmental action.